How does it work ?

The metagenomic process starts off by extracting DNA samples from different types of environments from the microbial community ...Click here to learn more 

Are all microbes safe?

Unfortunately not all microbial communities are safe for our environment in fact... Click here to learn more


Introduction to Metagenomics:

Metagenomics is the study of bacteria in their respective microbial environment.  We use metagenomics to... Click here to learn more

 Its process:

The metagenomic process consists of 3 major steps.  The first step starts off with extracting...Click here to learn more


How its beneficial to us:

Metagenomics is beneficial to us in many ways.  It helps us through cleaning up hazardous substances and...Click here to learn more


Contact Information:

Name: Harjina Singh


Teacher: Jason Brennan  

School: Sheldon High School

               8333 Kingsbridge Drive    

              Sacramento, CA 95829

School Phone Number: (916) 681-7500 

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